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Sales closer!

por InfinitechClub

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¡empleo inactivo!

Sales closer!

por InfinitechClub
  • bilingual
  • closer
  • sales closer
  • call center
  • call center sales

Closer with experience

Looking for the perfect Job?

has any company offered you a $5,000 pesos base pay?

Earn more than $15,000 pesos weekly after taxes with commisions by just Closing big deals!!!

do you have experience in Call Center and you're tired of that rotation and bad environment?

we offer you not to work like in that bad routine, but just do what you love( sales)

if you have that talent, dont waste your time and apply with us, get immediately hired!

We work Monday-Friday

Located in Zona Centro. Call for an interview (664)675-5665


Resumen de la vacante

  • Empleo:Sales closer!
  • Salario:5,000 base semanal libre de impuestos
  • Localidad:Zona Centro - Tijuana, Baja California
  • Tipo de empleo:Tiempo completo
  • Empresa:InfinitechClub
  • Educación deseada:
    Superior - titulado
  • Experiencia deseada:
    Nivel medio
  • Habilidades:bilingual, closer, sales closer, call center, call center sales
  • Posición:Closer with experience