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Delivery manager

por Servicios Integrales

Delivery manager

por Servicios Integrales
  • manejo de riesgos
  • metodologia agil
  • tracking de actividades
  • desbloquear dependencias

Delivery manager

Delivery Manager

Delivery Manager is responsible for maintaining strong business relationships and improving our services to maintain business satisfaction. The Delivery Manager may perform technical tasks when is required, such as troubleshooting technical issues on SIT/UAT and PRD, and may perform administrative tasks, such as managing team performance and checking the quality of inventory. The main tasks of a Delivery Manager, however, include managing projects, fixing reliability issues, tracking service metrics, managing budgets, and leading the service delivery team.

A Bachelor's degree in a Business-related field.
• Experience in business service, leadership, and logistics may be advantageous.
• Good business skills and the ability to use business support software.
• Strong business service, project management, and quality control skills.
• Good resource planning skills.
• Excellent leadership and customer service skills.
• Strong teamwork skills and attention to detail.

Maintaining positive relationships with business.
• Identifying business needs and overseeing service delivery within the business context.
• Leading the service delivery team, managing conflict, and ensuring the team's processes and tasks are carried out efficiently.
• Managing finances and budgets.
• Determining ways to reduce costs without sacrificing business satisfaction.
• Assessing business feedback and using your creativity to establish, improve, and refine services.
• Remaining organized and meeting deadlines.
• Building partnerships and liaising with team leaders to determine the company's services, delivery criteria, and solutions for issues that may arise.

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Resumen de la vacante

  • Empleo: Delivery manager
  • Salario: 70000.00
  • Localidad: Benito Juárez, Ciudad de México
  • Tipo de empleo: Tiempo completo
  • Empresa: Servicios Integrales
  • Educación deseada: Superior - titulado
  • Experiencia deseada: Nivel Gerencial
  • Habilidades: manejo de riesgos, metodologia agil, tracking de actividades, desbloquear dependencias
  • Posición: Delivery manager