Trabajo de bilingual customer service en guadalajara jalisco v1| Talenteca v935L4Q2x

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Agente bilingue atc / customer service

por Grupo G.G.P

Agente bilingue atc / customer service

por Grupo G.G.P

Bilingual customer service

Bilingual customer service - incoming customer calls, clarifications, doubts, support, profiling, etc.

Requested Profile:


  • Gender: Indistinct

  • English 90% conversational.

  • Schooling: Baccalaureate completed or Bachelor's degree truncated

  • 3 month minimum experience



  • Base salary

  • punctuality and assistance incentives

  • Schedules to choose 

  • Paid training


    Working day of 7hrs (Daily) / 5 days (Weekly)




Resumen de la vacante

  • Empleo:Agente bilingue atc / customer service
  • Salario:11,000
  • Localidad:Guadalajara, Jalisco
  • Empresa:Grupo G.G.P
  • Educación deseada:
    Superior - titulado
  • Experiencia deseada:
    Nivel medio
  • Posición:Bilingual customer service